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CHRS- Human Resources Analysis GeorgiaFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

What is the minimum size company CHRS will work with?

CHRS helps clients as they grow so we do not have a set minimum. Most of our clients employ between 25 and 150 employees but we have helped firms hire their first employee. We consult for firms with as few as 2 employees and as many as 250. There are federal and state requirements that apply to all employers regardless of size.

What are the qualifications of CHRS consultants?

CHRS consultants are some of the best in the industry. CHRS requires our consultants to have a minimum of 15 years practitioner experience and HR credentials, such as a degree in an HR discipline, HR certificates and designations. Most of our consultants have specialties within HR like organizational psychology, labor market economics and finance, and industrial and labor-relations. Many of our consultants have concentrations in industrial areas, such as manufacturing and non-profit enterprises. Because CHRS identifies, adapts and implements reliable HR solutions that are customized to your organization, our consultants often work together.

How do CHRS consultants know what needs to be done with respect to my company’s HR needs?

CHRS is your HR expert. We collect data over a two-day period consisting of interviews, a full review of current practices, a 12-section of human resource applications, from pre-hire practices to post-termination practices. From that thorough data analysis CHRS produces a comprehensive report that serves as a road map to the HR department. The report includes a “quick list” that identifies each of the suggestions for improvement, page number reference in the report, and priority of action items for the company. Your CHRS consultant will review the findings with you to formulate an action plan.

Does CHRS provide assistance with individual projects, such as employee handbook revision or a difficult termination?

While many of our clients work with CHRS in an ongoing arrangement which provides regular HR department services, we can help with a single project. CHRS provides customized HR services specific to the needs of the company.

Can CHRS act as my HR department manager and handle all of my HR-related activities?

CHRS can and does act as a third party provider of HR services. We serve as a partner, practitioner and advisor to your company. Functionally, CHRS will obtain a dedicated email address within your firm such that all HR issues are forwarded to your consultant. Your consultant is available to work on-site or remotely depending on your needs and preferences. In many instances the CHRS consultant occupies an office or cubicle on-site several days of the week. As far as your employees are concerned, the consultant is part of the company. It is important to note that CHRS consultants serve as advisor and practitioner while remaining focused on the client’s preferences. Our clients come first and our goal is to enact reliable HR services within the framework and environment consistent with the firm.

I need an HR expert who I can contact when I have an issues. Will I have to speak to someone different each time I call?

We work closely with our clients providing them with a primary and secondary consultant. Because your needs and unique culture are specific, you will collaborate with your primary consultant on a consistent basis. You will be provided with your consultants’ direct cellular phone number and email address. Your secondary consultant will be familiar with the activities of your firm and will be available in the event that your primary consultant is not.

What is the process for invoicing?

After your primary consultant works with you to determine the objectives and activities for the billing period, which is typically one month, he/she will keep a detailed activity log. You will receive a thorough monthly statement that shows the work that was performed during the previous billing cycle. Because our services are customized to each client, a monthly budget will have been identified. CHRS closely monitors activities to stay within the client’s budget and communicates any possible overtures. Project-based services are invoiced by the 15th of each month for work that was performed during the previous month. We offer convenient online bill pay.

Whom should I contact to set up a Free Consultation or with additional questions?

Please call our office at (404) 803-1282 or click here to email.

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