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“CHRS goes above and beyond in every way. We recently purchased a company that has 13 locations and 250+ employees. As a small business owner, we did not have the skillset or bandwidth to onboard these employees appropriately. CHRS jumped in and handled everything for us including:

  1. Employee Handbook
  2. Employee new hire applications and packets
  3. I9 verifications
  4. e-verify
  5. Benefits

CHRS has a team of HR experts and can scale up or down to meet your needs. I’d recommend them to anyone.

– Adam Cohen

“I purchased a small manufacturing company in Oregon that had a very immature HR function. Over the last two years CHRS has led the drive to implement a fully functioning HR department, including a new Employee Handbook, complete Job Descriptions, a Competency Based Performance Review System, Safety and Health Plan, Employee and Management Training Procedures, and improved recruitment and screening. Julie (CHRS founder) has personally mentored our HR staff and I have confidence they are now capable of handling most any situation that may arise. If there is an extraordinary issue, they know where to get the answers they need. CHRS has exceeded my expectations.”

– CEO of Warne Scope Mounts, Daniel G.

“In just a few words –the presentation was great and very well received. The atmosphere was casual and fun while covering a difficult and serious subject. The content and interaction with the attendees was just right.”

– Chair PIHRA District 12, Kathleen S.

“We hired Julie to critique and direct our human resource department processes and practices. She brought us a detailed and comprehensive report with real insight into areas that required attention and/or improvement. More than that her report provided the methodology of how to achieve those results. Additionally, her personable demeanor made the entire experience enjoyable. Julie’s depth of knowledge and responsive approach have made her our go to “encyclopedia” for human resource related questions. We highly recommend Julie as a Human Resource Consultant.

– Bayless Engineering, Andrea M.

“CHRS has been able to learn about our business and our employees and has contributed with real and workable solutions to our problems as well as maximizing our opportunities.”

– Great American Group, Marc S.

“We’ve had a great business relationship with CHRS. Last year they conducted a human resource assessment that provided us with a game plan for making significant improvements in our HR processes. Then, when both of our HR staff left within a month of each other CHRS stepped in and became our temporary HR shop. They kept things running smoothly and our organization never missed a beat. They even helped us recruit a solid new HR manager. Our managers appreciated their expertise and commitment to service; but no one appreciated them more than me.”

– Gwinnett County Public Library, Dana R.

CHRS- Human Resources Analysis Georgia

“Sexual Harassment can be a difficult class to train. Our CHRS consultant listened and answered all the question asked in a positive and professional manner. The game was a great way to test our knowledge and a fun way to get people to participate. She kept the training moving and interesting.”

– Training Participant, Grace C.

“CHRS is absolutely wonderful to work with.  Incredibly knowledgeable, on point, and always available to help.”

– Maverick Artists Agency, Erick N.

“I wanted to express a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from Dave and me. We are sleeping better at night because of your professionalism in human resources.”

– Santa Clarita Guide, Debbie K.


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